Crystal Clear Contractor Pte.Ltd

Crystal Clear Contractor Pte.Ltd.(CCC) was established two decades ago.
It specializes in swimming pool maintenance services with more than 300 projects island wide.
In addition, we also have contracts with a great number of well- known developers and local managing agents like Far East Organization, CDL and property managing agents to render swimming pools maintenance services in hotels, condominiums and other projects.
CCC has more than 40 employees, grouped into 13 teams, working on numerous projects in Singapore…

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Swimming Pool Services

Swimming Pool

Preparation Stage – meeting to setdaily
agenda and work assignment

Pool Cleaning – removing slime and
vacuuming dirt and algae

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Repair and

Fish Pond System Upgrading
The work is carried out in stages
to ensure the entire pond to be clean
and free of litter an vermin.

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Supply and Installation of
LED Underwater Lamps

Energy saving
Long lasting
More rugged and durable
No warm-up period – LED’s light instantly
Directional – With LED’s you can direct the light where
you want it, thus no light is wasted…

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