Swimming Pool Maintenance

Preparation Stage – meeting to Set Daily agenda and work assignment

Pool Cleaning – removing slime and vacuuming dirt and algae

Pump Room Checking –to ensure proper operation

Water Analysis- to ensure the quality of water meet
the statutory requirement

Public Swimming Pools Regulation

The National Environment Agency (NEA) licenses all public swimming pools in Singapore, which include pools located within Sport Singapore complexes, condominiums, hotels, clubs, and educational institutions.

Quality of water in Singapore’s public swimming pools
A licensee shall ensure that no pool is used or made available for use unless the requirements
stated in the table below are met

Physical and Chemical Analysis & Bacteriological Examination

Water Quality Test Items Unit of Measurements/Conditions Singapore NEA Guideline WHO Guideline
Tubidity NTU Max 5 not exceed 0.5
Colour Hazen Units Max 5
PH Value 7.2-7.8 7.2-8.0
Residual Chlorine mg/L Total Cl₂ 1.0-3.0 not exceed 3.0
Copper mg/L Cu Max 0.2
Standard Plate Count CFU/mL (37°C, 24h) Max 200
Total Coliform Count CFU/100mL(35°C, 24h) Max 10
E.Coli Count CFU/100mL(35°C, 24h) <1 <1

A licensee shall carry out tests on the pH value and the residual disinfectant concentration of the water In the pool at least once a day.

A licensee shall arrange for water in the pool to be sampled and analysed by a Government laboratory or any other
laboratory approved by the Director-General for chemical and bacteriological quality at least once a month or at such other intervals as may be stipulated by the Director-General, and submit the testresults to the Director-General.