Daiki Axis Group Introduction

Daiki Axis Group is a well-known ‘environment protection’ company which was founded 60 years ago in Japan. 
As the business expands rapidly over the last half century, Daiki Axis established it presence through the setting up of subsidies and affiliated companies in many overseas countries, like China, Indonesia, India, Singapore and so forth.

In 2018, Daiki Axis acquired Crystal Clear Contractor Pte. Ltd., a local well established swimming pool maintenance services provider, as its wholly owned subsidiary. Since then, Daiki Axis Group’s globalization process has
accelerated a step further.

Business activities:

Design, construction, and maintenance of various types of wastewater treatment equipment.
Manufacturing, distribution, designing, and construction of products using synthetic resin and other materials.
Distribution and construction of various construction materials and household equipment.
Refining and distribution of biodiesel fuel and sale of purification plants.
Production and distribution of drinking water sales of solar power generation.

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